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The Hives
Howlin' Pelle Almqvist - vocals
Nicholaus Arson - guitar
Vigilante Carlstroem - guitar
Dr Matt Destruction - bass
Chris Dangerous - drums
Vigilante Carlstroem - guitar

1. Business or pleasure?

2. Business or economy?

3. It's really, really great to be in
The Hives right?

No comment.

4. Will The Hives
still be around
20 years from now?

No comment.

5. You must have a
favourite actor/actress, why?

It's fun.

6. Transparent is not a colour
but BLACK&WHITE is, how come?


7. What invention would
you've liked to invent?

The Rolling Stones.

8. What's your idea of a great
thing to do, apart from music?

Fly fishing.

9. Of all the countries you've been in, which is the best kept secret when It comes to being great?

10. When do you think your new record will hit the record stores?


... gone fishing... back soon... Vigilante

Vigilante's Top Five Flies:
Streaking Caddis, Hares Ear, Kalvsjösländan, Klinkhammers, E12

Vigilante's next fishing trip:
"The mountainous area of Norbotten, Sweden. I will go in a helicopter from Kiruna in the North of Sweden out in the wild. After a week the helicopter will pick me up. I will post a pic when I get back."
Yours Truly
V. Carlstroem