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9 January 2011

The Hives 411

So Happy Holidays everybody!

Thought Id share some Hives with you all.

We (aka yours truly, aka the band that could not die, aka the frikkin partymachine, aka The Hives) recorded some pretty bad ass tracks right before christmas with, hear this and belive it or not, live horns and all. Some rough elephant style honkin´def going on there. Gonna rehearse another batch of tracks now in jan that will after proper preps be recorded. One is a speeding train, another one is also a speeding train, another one's got swagger and another one is sheer cool.

So there.

Enjoy your January! I know I will.


Arsonio Hall

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6 October 2010

Something big in the making...

Yup yup yup!

After talking to Randy about the new record and listening to some of the latest demos I can feel in my bones, soul and sense that we have something big in the making.

Watch the rock'n roll gods weep with pride!

Most sincerely


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6 October 2010

Todays doings...

Hello children and fellow adults trapped in late teen or sometimes even older recordcollecting bodies.

Alot of people ask me how I keep so fit and in shape for my touring and what I eat and drink so they can be more like me. Also they wanna know what a regular record making day is like.

So by public demand here is:

My scedule for today

Make record:
- Phone meeting w Randy at 11 to discuss record overview
- record some new demos, make em sound great and up to par with other Hives work
- update website

Keep touring fit & partyexercise:
- drink 15 low alcohol beers
- run terrain track for 1,5 h
- 150 push ups
- play guitar in high energy intervals. 5 sets of 110% guitar playing at 10 minutes each

On top of this I eat lots and lots of healthy food (fish, nuts and apples) and drink plenty of coffee and water at correct hours of the day.

So there you go. Fairly strict but with enough room to fuck around. There is no secret just plenty of hard and fun work.

It for now.



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