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26 February 2011

On an island, in Stockholm?

On an island, in Stockholm?

We are where we've been for the past 17 days, recording what will end up being the new record. I know you know that we've recorded in other studios prior to this one on this project, but this time it's more than a warm up. This is, believe it or not, the real deal.

We are on an island in Stockholm and pretty much everything we've collected over the years that makes a noise/sound we brought with us. It wasn't easy, but in small wooden boats we managed to fit a shitload of drums, amps, guitars, microphones, mixing desks, grand pianos, synthesizers, guitar pedals, orchestral instruments, power plants, jet engines, loud dogs and swooooshes. And we're playing, hitting, pulling, screaming and whispering on or into them all day long, every day. Why, you might ask yourself, Why go through all the trouble?
Because we can, and no one else knows how.
Make a Hives record, that is.

Howlin' just came in here so I'll ask him for your reading pleasure: Any thoughts you want to share with our fans right now Pelle?

- "Live from New York, It's Saturday Night! I always wanted to say that"

Nicholaus is sitting doing something here too, what are you up to Nick?

- "Recovering from some nasty guitar playing, and about to fill up on 45 more cups of strong coffee."

Vigilante & Matt say hello I'm sure, can't see where they're at right now but around here somewhere I guess, making something that will end up being some of the greatest music you've ever laid ears on.

We'll try to hook you up with something more than letters to lay your eyes on too soon so stay tuned folks!


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9 January 2011

The Hives 411

So Happy Holidays everybody!

Thought Id share some Hives with you all.

We (aka yours truly, aka the band that could not die, aka the frikkin partymachine, aka The Hives) recorded some pretty bad ass tracks right before christmas with, hear this and belive it or not, live horns and all. Some rough elephant style honkin´def going on there. Gonna rehearse another batch of tracks now in jan that will after proper preps be recorded. One is a speeding train, another one is also a speeding train, another one's got swagger and another one is sheer cool.

So there.

Enjoy your January! I know I will.


Arsonio Hall

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6 October 2010

Something big in the making...

Yup yup yup!

After talking to Randy about the new record and listening to some of the latest demos I can feel in my bones, soul and sense that we have something big in the making.

Watch the rock'n roll gods weep with pride!

Most sincerely


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