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30 Nov 13 Back in Canada!
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13 January 2012

New transmission from Arson

Stuff is sounding good and we are in the studio laying down the last of the vocals before we go to mix.
At lunch today we had pizza and talked about good band names. Here are my main contenders:

Polisens Rekonstruktion av The Band (my brother-in-law's band. It means The Police Reenactment of The Band)
IFK Gamla Saxon (translation: IFK Old Saxon)
The Kristet Utseende (translates as The Christian Looks)

Talk later

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9 November 2011

Hives 411

As you may or may not have noticed we don't spend the lions share of our time communicating on our website. The reason is the we (belive it or not) are hard at work with the new record. Right now me, Chris and Matt are in Fagersta holed up recording demos whilst Pelle and Vig are in their own private dungeons doing basically the same. The diamond in the rough that we have been working on since the dawn of very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very young men is really shaping up. Hopefully record the last tracks in a few weeks.

Peace on/Peace off


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16 August 2011

A Shitty End To A Great Summer.

So I am back at Hive Manor safe but not quite sound. Better by the hour though. Stiff as a board and a headache and a little trouble focusing but that's it. Thanks for all your support. Feels good.

There have been some questions and I would like to answer the most common ones. Here goes:

-Yes I will be ok
-Yes it could have been a lot worse but let's not think about that
- No I was completely sober. Almost always am during the shows.

I will be lying here in robe and slippers until I feel better and that's that!

Onwards and upwards!

Yours truly,
Howlin Pelle Almqvist

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