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30 Nov 13 Back in Canada!
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25 Aug 12 Reading!

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21 July 2012

Holland and Portugal

Ah sweet deal! Last night was a muddy show at Swarte Cross in Holland where Matt almost died from a falling lighting device that fell from the stage roof and landed right next to him. Motocross drivers jumped over the stage as we were playing as well.

Today we spent flying and went for a dip in the sea here at the festival site in Gaia Portugal. Swing by if you are in the area or be square!

Later Arson

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27 June 2012

The US of A and Canada's HPA report!

The US of A and Canada's HPA report! 

Hello ladies and gentlemen, as I like to call you.

This is Howlin Pelle Almqvist making his glorious return to this here internet diary contraption. It has been a long time coming but Nicholaus has done a beautiful job of keeping on keeping on.

So, where do I start. Let's start with this summer. We put out a new record that we really love. LEX HIVES babies!

Then we cut a swath through the European festival circuit/circus? It has been a pleasure meeting you people all over the world again after our long exile from the wild world of live rock n roll. Now we are back in the States finally. We have missed it you know. You missed us and the Hives missed you! Shows have been great and the support bands(FIDLAR and Flesh Lights) have been like a breath of fresh rehearsal room scent enlivening dead trees and waking up rocks all over the place. It has been like living a fairy tale in a dreamland of milk and honey. And then The Hives play. You can imagine.

Canada was the last thing we "did" if you know what I am talking about. Montreal even had a national holiday to celebrate the fact that we had returned. Jean Baptiste something-or-other-day. It's cool and all but you could have just called it Hives day. Unfortunately the fireworks got cancelled due to bad weather. I got accosted by an insane man in the street who claimed he already told me not to stand on the street corner wearing my leather. Well, I am a rocker. It's what I do. How do I know he was insane you ask? The tried and true insane person look of a hawaiian shirt and a fur hat combo sort of tipped me off.

What else happened? Well the Montreal crowd was beautiful. The show was great and and I aint just saying that. I would never.

Toronto was next and here we were playing outside the city in a sort of stag party area. You know the type. Go carts. Driving range. Pool. The pool served us well as we basked in the sun in our leathers and rested our beautifully muscled greco-roman-statuesque bodies in order to get ready for the show. Got interviewed by at least 2 swedish-canadians and one guy from a hardcore band called Fucked Up. He had just become a father(congrats!) and had good questions.
The show? How do you think that went? I felt possessed. It was that good. A higher or lower being helped out and we sailed through the night on sails made of glistening guitar riffs and vibrating drum heads. That brings us to US customs. Never quite as friendly as other countries' customs. I always wonder if that is policy or down to the individual officers.

Now we are in Pontiac, Michigan. More as we get it...

Tallyho bitches!

Pic of Nick getting a helping hand drinking from The Flesh Lights

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23 June 2012

New York City!


The Hives at the top of their game! Yesterdays show at Terminal 5 will go down in history for asskickin´goodwill and all around greatness. Warm, sweaty and rad!

Otherwise yesterday up until the show was spent going round the fair city of NY meeting people like Handsome Dick Manitoba for an interview at Little Stevens Underground Garage and also a trip to Makerbot for 3D scans of yers truly. What we will do will that will be evident in not too long we hope. Also a fun FUSE TV interview was done on the topic of Sweden and The Hives of course.

The day before yesterday was spend doing an AOL session which will be broadcast on yer intraweb some lucky day. Fun time and met some cool fans and contest winners. All the best to y'all!

It for now


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