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13 December 2006

The Beast in Gröndal

Hey all Hives-lovi´n-folks!

Me and four other greats are at the moment making something that will hit the history books some time next year. -New songs damn it!!!

We´ve gone in to Studio Gröndahl to record a song that we know you people won´t be able to stand still to when hearing - a.k.a. another masterpiece!!!

The new pictures that are up is from this session and as you can see we are in better shape than ever and playing better than ever. Even though you can´t hear it (yet) you have to trust me on this one.

The Hives will once again change your whole perspective on what we all have learned to love and know as music. You will get the chance to thank us by coming to our shows when we decide to fuel up the tour bus, iron our shirts and come to a stage near you.

We can´t wait, you can´t wait.

Forever yours - Chris Dangerous

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12 December 2006

Forum alive and kicking

Saw we had some action on the forum. Glad to see that part of the site is alive and well.

See ya


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12 December 2006

Yeah! We're back!

We have taken over The Print and we will do what we can to learn how to work the internet and update the site and all.

D W Johnson is a good writer but he is way too lazy man. Nothing new like... ever...?! So we kicked those lazy bastards out (sleeping at the desk and everything - puh) and decided to DIIOOSHMSS it (Do It In Our Own Superior Hives Manor Super Style). You get it.

So look forward to brighter days and better internet. The Hives are on the case.

Take care


Nick Arson

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