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03 Sep 12 Made in America briefing
25 Aug 12 Reading!
23 Aug 12 Hives in Malmö!
20 Aug 12 PHEW!!!
21 Jul 12 Holland and Portugal
27 Jun 12 The US of A and Canada's HPA rep ...
23 Jun 12 New York City!
21 Jun 12 Philly
20 Jun 12 Washington DC
09 Jun 12 Garorock and Örebro!!!
13 May 12 ...and we're back!
05 May 12 Thank you Portugal!!!
02 May 12 Ur welcome London!
30 Apr 12 Mexican crisps?
30 Apr 12 So long for now USA!
24 Apr 12 Thanks California fans!
19 Apr 12 Hives/Refused/Bronx SF
16 Apr 12 Nick giant hat!
16 Apr 12 1 st Coachella done!
14 Apr 12 At Coachella!
16 Mar 12 Full steam ahead!!!
12 Mar 12 Hell yeeeeaaahhhhh!!!!
04 Feb 12 LA gossip
13 Jan 12 New transmission from Arson
09 Nov 11 Hives 411
16 Aug 11 A Shitty End To A Great Summer.
15 Aug 11 Notes from a hospital bed...
15 Aug 11 Sorry France!
08 Aug 11 Oh where does one begin?
13 Jul 11 Bye bye Europe - Australia here ...

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3 September 2012

Made in America briefing

Made in America briefing  Made in America briefing

So, we have a arrived in the states and done our first show. This took place at the Made In America festival in Philadelphia, PA (We prefer the 1638 name, New Sweden).

Before playing the concert we had breakfast and went to consult with the inanimate object that is the Rocky/Sly Stallone statue for tips on how to win in Philly. Funny thing this. Making statues to commemorate people that never existed. I love America!

It was clear to us the we had a lot of first time customers/Hives virgins in the crowd. This is always fun. First three songs they watch us with mouths open and eyes agape and then by the 4th the poison and hypnotics start working and they start smiling, dancing, shaking, shivering and clapping. If it sounds like I am tooting my own horn here it is simply because I think its a horn that should be much tooted.

Well, other bands and artists played too of course. Jay Z had picked the bands and it was a mix of Rock and what industry dorks call urban styles. Us, Santigold, RUN DMC all had great shows and Pearl Jam and X and Drake and so on and so forth. After all this hoopla some of the guys went to see Bruce Springsteen at a stadium he was rocking. Still awaiting the report during the imminent breakfast meeting as jet lag tickled our feet at 6.30 this morning.

We will now stay chilly in Philly(New Sweden) and then fly ourselves to Seattle. I love me some Seattle.

OK, good talk.

-HPA in the USA

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25 August 2012


Last night at Reading was awesome! Great to be back on UK soil and deliver the Hives goods to a crowd who were in town to party. We enjoyed the hell out of ourselves and we are looking forward to see if todays show at Leeds will be as good.

See ya


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23 August 2012

Hives in Malmö!

Hives in Malmö! 

DJing yesterday at Klaffbron after last nights tour de force of southern Sweden. Ah them Hives guys never seem to stop delivering the goods...



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