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25 May 08 Almost done...
20 May 08 Where is Nick Arson going?
20 May 08 Chris and Dave speak their mind ...
18 May 08 On our way to Canada
14 May 08 Ah we're back!
20 Apr 08 Holy shit the past shows have be ...
16 Apr 08 Tired!
15 Apr 08 Nick Arson making a point
14 Apr 08 Yeah killed it in Norwich!
14 Apr 08 Welcome The Hives to the UK!!!
09 Apr 08 Switzerland, Italy and Spain
04 Apr 08 Prag, Wien and Munchen
02 Apr 08 Hives tattoo of the day!
02 Apr 08 Got damn it... missed Aprl 1st
30 Mar 08 Saarbrucken, Bremen, Köln und so ...
27 Mar 08 Eurotour started
07 Mar 08 Random stuff?
07 Mar 08 Rally
04 Mar 08 Flying guitar movie!
03 Mar 08 Flying guitar!
28 Feb 08 Since Seattle...
23 Feb 08 Briefing west coast
20 Feb 08 Well...
19 Feb 08 New guitar!
19 Feb 08 Back in LA in the USA
14 Feb 08 Valentines day in Monterrey!
10 Feb 08 Mexico watch out!!!
29 Jan 08 Uncanny!?!?!?
29 Jan 08 NHL All star game
10 Jan 08 Grammys!!!

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25 May 2008

Almost done...

Yeah we only have two shows left of this short little here tour of ours and stuff is going just swell.

Yesterday we had our last show in Canada and today we play Spokane, Washington. Canada ruled though and we finally got to play wierd totally off the map places like Calgary and Edmonton together with great metropolitan areas like Saskatoon. The Hives would like to thank the Canadian public for their support and the lovely local bakery crowd who gave us the bread we got in Saskatoon.

Spent the whole day today watching the Indy 500 seeing our two favourites Tony Kanaan and Danica Patrick both go off.

Tonight we lay Spokane at our feet.



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20 May 2008

Where is Nick Arson going?

Where is Nick Arson going? 

Where is Nick Arson going? What does he say? Give it a guess people.

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20 May 2008

Chris and Dave speak their mind on myspace

Here is what it looks like on myspace when Chris Dangerous goes at it with the fans. This time he teams up with our sound man Dave. Enjoy



Oh so now what?

- A hell of alot!

Exactly what King Chris?

- I'm gonna tell you stuff damn it!

Oh Chris, how lovely. What kind of stuff?

- Shitloads, here I go:

So we're in Winnipeg, Canada. Earlier today me, Vigilante and our bodyguard/head of communications/long time friend an all around bad guy Mr. J. Tjelta went to see the 3D I max version of "The grand canyon" and what can we learn from that you might ask? Well, we really need to cut down on our water consumption damn it! The god damn planet is going dry, and fast too! I know you already knew that but anyways.

We've been through some funky ass cities on this here may U.S/Canada tour, places we've played in would be cities such as Atlanta, Nashville, Indianapolis, Milwuakee, Fargo and tonight as I already told you we're taking on Winnepeg.
In Indianapolis we were honoured enough to go and check out the qualification runs to the Indy 500 and while we were at we got ourselves our picture taken with Tony Kanaan too. Now it will be interresting to see what will happen on sunday when the race actually goes down.

I'm gonna continue my thing I've got going with "Guest writers who are involved with the lovely bunch known to you all as The Hives in one way or another" (from now on the official name of it). The time has now come to our dear friend and front of house engineer (he does our sound) Mr. (or sir, he's British) Dave Lamb ladies and gentlemen!

So Dave-O - kick it!

Hey guys,
this is my first ever blog so you'll have to forgive its lack of form or common sense :-)
As Chris has mentioned we've been adding to our list of places we've never been before. Nashville sticks out most in my mind, not because our merchandise guy Jesse is from there and drove some of us to CostCo, but because there's a cowboy boot shop on Broadway (the main drag), where if you buy one pair of flowery cowboy boots you get two pairs free :-), who the %€& wants six cowboy boots i don't even want one. but that's just me:-)
I digress, the show was great, as they all have been, i've been doing this job about 17 years and for some great bands, but these guys are the best.
Never a challenge or an injury too great :-)
And they make me laugh a lot which is good for anyones health.
talking of which i need a cigarette .-) hej doa xxx

Chris "eat my dust" Dangerous & Dave "speak up a bit" Lamb.

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