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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

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Rob wrote on Jan 08, 2009:

Where: Busselton WA Perth

When: 02/01/08

Hey Guys, thanks heaps for making the MASSIVE journey to come down south for the southbound concert.Played an awesome gig. When you jumped off the stage Howling Pelle me and my sis n law nearly wet our pants, thanks for the great kickoff to the new year!!! Hope to see you guys again!!


(sorry bout the hot weather and flys)

solange perez

solange perez solange perez

solange perez wrote on Jan 04, 2009:

Where: santiago chile

When: enero 2009

soy fans desde el año 2004, y esperaba que llegara el momento de que estuvieran acá en chile,cuando me entere que venia mi banda favorita fui a comprar dos ticket para mi y mi marido,
ya qué todos en mi familia compartimos el mismo gusto incluso hasta mi hijo de seis años. aquel 10 de septiembre 2007 supe que habia llegado el momento más increible de estar con ustedes es por eso que andaba con mi LP( black and white) tratando de conseguir sus firmas en mi LP... buscando por internet encontré que había un concurso (meet and greet) para conocerlos lo cuál no gané pero igual fuí al lugar a ver si podia estar con ustedes y conocerlos, después de esperar mas o menos dos horas una mujer nos hizo pasar, era tanta la emoción que estaba tiritando y sin habla, lo qué más siento es no a ver aprovechado ese gran momento para decirle lo mucho que significan para mí. se despide cordialmente una gran admiradora y fans número de chile. los amo!!!!


Hobolau Hobolau

Hobolau wrote on Jan 02, 2009:

Where: Grönalund

When: 31/8 - 08

It was the third time I saw them. I have seen The Hives at..
Annexet 4/12-07 and at WhereTheActionIs 14/6-08
I cant say witch one who was the best..!!..
I hope You guys will come to Sweden soon! Come gladly to Peace and Love.

Hoppas ni kommer fortsätta länge..Såvida ni inte kör slut på er själva. :)

Ni är jäkligt grymma!

Elizabeth Shilling

Elizabeth Shilling Elizabeth Shilling

Elizabeth Shilling wrote on Jan 02, 2009:

Where: Falls Festival, Lorne

When: December 30th 2008

Du var skit kul nar du spelat i Falls i Lorne! Baste kväll av 2008!

My Swedish may suck but The Hives were bloody brilliant!!! You guys rocked that farm ampitheatre to breaking point and made the second last night of 2008 go out with a blast!!! The frozen moment was awesomely awesome!!! Come back to Melbourne soon!

Jag hoppas att det vadret var inte for kallt for du!



Monica wrote on Dec 30, 2008:

Where: Melbourne, Austrlia

When: 28th December 2008

Amazing Gig finally back in Melbourne! Blowing the roof off the Forum! Thanks Guys! And thanks to Nicholaus Arson for gifting me with his tie at the end of the evening!

Tiger of Sweden! The greatest tie I'll ever own. Made my whole year!

We were Melbourne and you were The Hives and we love each other.