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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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AndresWolf (Andrés Pérez Vargas)

AndresWolf (Andrés Pérez Vargas) AndresWolf (Andrés Pérez Vargas)

AndresWolf (Andrés Pérez Vargas) wrote on Oct 27, 2008:

Where: Colombia

When: 27 Oct 2008

Estando en mis vacaciones en Bogotá-Colombia decidí viajar a la ciudad Buenos Aires, corrí con la suerte que un día después de mi llegada se presentaban The Hives en la apertura del Pepsi Music, que mejor bienvenida!!!. El show simplemente fue espectacular, Howlin nos hablaba en un muy buen español y no dudo al decir que tenia a 5 maradonas en el escenario, y claro que tenia razón, que banda tan buena, que energía la que entregaron en su presentación. El concierto duro 2 horas aproximadamente, 2 horas de puro Rock and Roll y descargas de adrenalina. Chris Dangerous lanzaba sus baquetas tras cada canción y para completar la noche tuve la fortuna de tener una de ellas. Espero algún día repetir un show de los Hives,, espero nos visiten en Bogotá.

Uno de mis videos del concierto

pame bravo

pame bravo wrote on Oct 16, 2008:

Where: santiago, chile

When: september, 10

Todo empezo cuando supe que The Hives venia a Chile fue super emocionante, no podia creerlo hasta el dia del concierto....aun ahora jaja por algunos percanses no me pudieron conocer ni pudimos hablar, pero yo creo que aunque no nos conoscamos oficialmente si tenemos una conexion y que es a traves de su musica, las canciones tan energicas y llenas de vida te hacen como viajar un mundo paralelo, te hacen sentir tantas cosas!!como cuando te gusta alguien sientes esas como... mariposas en la guata....jaja es casi lo mismo con la musica The Hives...y con respecto al concierto...ese 10 de Septiempre,...fué lo mejor...tan energizante, electrizante y lleno de vida!!!
estar alli con tanta gente que no la conocia pero que teniamos la misma conexion, atraves de la musica... como dijo alguien una vez la musica es como un idioma universal...
Lejos lo mejor...The Hives marca la diferencia en cuanto a musica....
Espero sigan así con sus sonidos y ritmos unicos....

ps:la bandera hecha por mamicho merece un premio!!!jaja

Jenifer McKitrick

Jenifer McKitrick wrote on Oct 11, 2008:

Where: San Francisco show at the Warfiield

When: Sept 2008

All hail to thee HIves for a most thorough seeing-to in SF! I wore my black and white striped tie and Hives crest patch and probably looked really old to those kids in the pit. So I was up there on the almighty Nicholas Arson's side and whilst I was respecting the splendour of Hives Rock with Punk in it, Mr. Arson looked at me, gestured that he admired my outfit, tossed me a guitar pick and as I reached up to receive this Golden Snitch, this Holy Grail of Rock and Roll souvenirs, a kid who clearly didn't even know the songs grabbed it, knocking my hand out of the way. My finger was jammed for a couple days, but my sorrow was in that there wasn't closure in that fleeting miracle that is the connexion between Hive and a Hives Fan.
I called out to The Exalted Mr. Dangerous that I liked his tan, as he indeed looked fit and tanned and with a Fort Lauderdale-style mustache. Porn-star hot. No shit.
His HIghness Mr. H.P. Almqvist was shaking his sweaty groove-thing and I tried to get up close enough to get sweated on but there were too many other drooling fanboys and slobbering fangirls who were hoping to be anointed in the Baptism of Thee Hives.
Thank you for kicking our asses in San Francisco. We hope to be bitch-slapped and pistol-whipped again soon.


Ty wrote on Oct 11, 2008:

Where: Buffalo

When: In my dreams

I would like to tell you an epic story about how my brains were blown out at an incredible concert in Buffalo, New York. Unfortunately, this hasn't happened. I cry myself to sleep at night, and dream about a Hives concert, then I wake up and start crying again. The city is in anguish. Buildings are destroyed, cars burned, and daily hangings occur out of pure madness. My dream for The Hives to restore order in this area lives on as does the dream of peace for a refugee.

Ventura CA

Ventura CA wrote on Oct 11, 2008:

Where: Ventura, California

When: September 22, 2008

I didn't even hear the Hives in tell tonight, and oh my god where they the best band I had ever saw.Even though the lead guitarist "Vigilante Carlstroem" wasn't there it was the best show I have ever heard topping with the Beatles.