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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Gloria Gloria

Gloria wrote on Sep 26, 2008:

Where: The Mayan in LA

When: Sept 25, 2008

Best concert EVER! I think I almost burst a lung from all the dancing and singing, I don’t know how these boys do it every night. I was so lucky to be right in the front, Nicholaus gave me a guitar pick, Matt gave me a set list and I was so close to getting Pelle’s tie but some girl ripped it from my hands. Seriously, next time the Hives are in town I have no doubt in my mind that I will be at all their shows!!!

Forever loving the Hives,


Desirée Desirée

Desirée wrote on Sep 25, 2008:

Where: San Francisco, CA

When: Sept 23rd, 08

I just wrote a story on here. & I'm not even sure if that will pop up on the site, let alone this one. But you guys will love the couple more pics I'm going to upload.
Let's see, a few more comments...
The moment where you all completely froze mid-song for a good 30 seconds was clever, entertaining, and thoroughly magnificent.
Pelle has a killer smile.
You also mentioned that the show last night in San Fran, at The Warfield, was, quite possibly, the best of this tour. I'm not sure if that was pure flattery, but it sure felt like it could have been. Both the audience & you guys were having SUCH a blast, and constantly interacting, it was great!
I wish Dr. Matt Destruction & Vigilante would've drifted more center stage, at least for a brief moment or two.
I can't wait for the next opportunity to see you guys live... Maybe, just maybe, one day I could meet you..!!!
I struggled & leaned over the gate on my hip to try to get a set list or at least a pick without success. You should tell the folk who clean up/etc when you get off stage to please consider granting the wishes of pretty, highly enthusiastic, (yet unfortunately short) brunette girls. Hahaha
Oh, & from one performer to another, I give you guys MAJOR kudos.
I'm shooting for broadway, and I've been singing, acting, and dancing for all of my life... So I'd say I know a thing or two about the stage. Which was something you guys ultimately rocked. Congrats on that.
Well, & of course, your music is, how you say, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. However, that is an understatement. & I know, a quite dorky one at that. hehe :-D
I also want to have the experience of being in a band someday.. & when I am, your example will definitely be one I look to.
Woot for slews of compliments!
Enjoy these 2 more pics!
Hmm.. so the first one I included was a no brainer for me to add.. Actually it was like a wonderful surprise, because Pelle stood up on the drum platform & I was like cool, I'll take a picture of that, and the moment my camera went off he was in the air. (It was meant to be.)
& the second was one that I took during that period I mentioned when you were all frozen. It's a little jazzed up a bit 'cuz I wanted to make it extra cool since I set it as the background on my desktop..
I have plenty more close-ups of HPA & NA.. But I loaded a couple pics of them last time.

Love you guys!
I'm so happy I made room in my full-time college student budget to see your concert!

PS- The Eagles of Death Metal were a great lead-in. I believed I might've mentioned that in my last entry on here. Regardless, that just means it was very true. Enough for me to mention it twice. You guys have band chemistry, for reals.


Desiree Desiree

Desiree wrote on Sep 25, 2008:

Where: San Francisco

When: Sept 23rd, 08

I didn't get to meet The Hives themselves, unfortunately. However I saw them at The Warfield as my first time seeing them live, and it was easily one of the very BEST concerts I have ever been to. Which does indeed say a bit of something, considering live music is a hobby of mine, and I live here in the city.
I LOOOOVVEEDDD all of the audience interaction stuff they did, and it was great being right on the gate in front of the stage. The Eagles of Death Metal really revved us up for them, but nothing compares to the guys themselves. While I desperately wanted for HPA &/or NA to grab my hand, because they were soooo near me many times over, it, alas, didn't ever happen. But I DID get to stroke Pelle's arm as he was leaning over us, hahaha. I actually believe it might've been more of a grab out of excitement, but it became more stroke-like because his arm was so sweaty it slipped right away. haha
I loved each & every one of their stage presences, and I'd have to say that Pelle is, indeed, quite the sexy beast. & that Chris was very suave walking back onto stage with his ciggy for their encore. & that while some people were afraid of it, I totally dug all of nik's crazy faces, gestures, and bug eyes. Oh & I of course loved all the jumping in the air, and fancy microphone throws and swings.
Sorry Vigilante & Matt.. you guy were the furthest away from me, so I didn't get the very biggest impressions, but it doesn't matter the proximity, it was obvious that you guys can ROCK. & do. quite well, I might add. haha
Mainly I scored some reeeeally sweet pictures and a couple of awesome video clips. One where I'm pretty sure Pelle purposely looked into my digi cam, cuz I was so near & the only one around holding a camera up.
I may just make one more of these little blurbs, so I can include a few more pictures on this site.
Seriously, you guys should hire me as a photographer.
You wouldn't regret it. ;-)

Moa and Sofie

Moa and Sofie Moa and Sofie

Moa and Sofie wrote on Sep 22, 2008:

Where: Kirunafestivalen and Gröna Lund

When: 27th of June and 31st of August 2008

The first time we saw The Hives was in Kiruna, Sweden, in June 2008. Their performance were awesome and we had the middle front row places, so you can just imagine how excited we were! ( We felt like a newborn Christian, but without the religion ;) ). Sofie got Arsons belly in her face and I accidentally putted my hand in his armpit. xD *Memories* After the show, we went backstage to see if we could find the guys, and that’s exactly what we did! Pelle, Matt and Chris stood outside their green mini-bus when we came. They were kind and gave us autographs. When Matt was going to write his autograph, he gave his beer to Sofie to hold while he wrote. He said he trusted her (that she wouldn’t drink anything). And when Pelle wrote his autograph, Sofie’s pencil stopped working, so he started scribble on her paper and made a kind of funny and frustrated “Aaaaah!”-noise. Haha, after a while the pencil started to work again. We laughed for hours that night. Easy entertained girls, you know.

The second time we saw The Hives was at Gröna Lund in Stockholm, Sweden. We had the middle front row places, again! (We waited 4 hours outside Gröna Lund and 8 hours in front of the stage. No wonder we got the best view!) Guess how happy we were on a scale from 1-10?! This concert was also amazing (of course!) and their new white costumes were awesome! Love them! Pelle grabbed my hand two times during the concert. One time while he sang “And you have me for a moment, grab on while you can.”. :D
After the show we found Chris Dangerous. We took his autograph (again) and photos with him. A lot of people came and wanted autographs while we took photos, so I had to stand next to Chris for quite a long time. But it was nothing wrong with that (hehe!). That night, we slept very veeery well!

So, both Hives concerts we’ve been at have been wonderful and totally fantastic, and we just can’t get enough! You’ll never get disappointed, because a Hives concert is ALWAYS great!

See you again soon, Hives! :)
/ Moa & Sofie


Marianna Marianna

Marianna wrote on Sep 22, 2008:

Where: Bari, L'Acqua in testa

When: 23.08.08

Second concert for this year!! You're great!!
I never image you could come in Bari.