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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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bernardo bernardo

bernardo wrote on Jul 14, 2008:

Where: uma bar monterrey, mexico

When: february 14

i have honestly been waiting to see them live for about 3 years and beat the crap my expectations. it was great it was amazing!!! i have never seen so much energy on a band yo could see the energy and mostly the sweat the sweat of good music of great music. seeing howlin climbing on the stage structure and still singing dangerous killing the drums you have never seen a drumer beating so intense and so hard. arson, vigilante dr matt you guys have more style than sinatra elvis and slash on stage i dont think i have enough lines here to describe everything. short story, i was 3 meters from the stage and it felt like it a concert in my backyard whit my friends... best night of my life. till yu come back right guys. jaja


Barb wrote on Jul 08, 2008:

Where: Rock Werchter, Belgium

When: 5 july 2008

I had never head of the hives... let alone that i had seen them...
But man... now i'm wild for them... They were the best performers on Werchter!!! The way Pele and Nikolas amuse the crowd... man... +/- 85.000 people going wild and doing everything he said... nice!!!
You guys rock... keep it going...

Montse Vilimelis

Montse Vilimelis Montse Vilimelis

Montse Vilimelis wrote on Jul 07, 2008:

Where: Lleida (Catalonia, Spain)

When: Senglar rock

Hello, I write to congratulate yourselves on your incredible concert that you did on July 4 in Lleida.

I had never seen you in direct and the truth is that I have been charmed with it, I think that you are big musicians besides nice and entertained.

I waiting to meet again, and I desire to you a lot of luck.

Your fan.

Pd. I have more photos, they are in my web and to your disposition.
Http: //

sorry, my bad english ;D

Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson Sarah Henderson

Sarah Henderson wrote on Jul 01, 2008:


When: May 26th, 2008

Well it was my first time being to Sasquatch music fest. and holy shit it was crazy. I was stoked to see the hives on the Monday,as I wanted to see The Hives live for soooo long and YOU GUYS WERE AMAZING. I waited since the first show at the beginning of the day to be front center, and was blown away by your guys performance. My sister saw you guys in Vancouver ( yes I'm Canadian ) =) best live show she's ever seen, and I was not disappointed. From Howlin Pelle's ( love ) sweat spraying on my face , getting a wink from Pelle =),when he came out to the crowd grabbing my hand,
catching Dr Matt Destructions pick, and even meeting fucking Howlin Pelle himself.

Well heres my little story, I got the bodyguards to take me out of the crowd and I was walking along were the body guards stand and you guys just finished your show and I yelled to Howlin Pelle if I could get a picture. Sure enough Pelle climbed the fence for me and took a couple of pictures with me.O my amazing thats all I have to say, so next time you guys come to Vancouver, Canada defiantly want to meet Pelle again and all of The Hives. I keep replaying the moment, and seriously want to marry Pelle, which sounds kinda creepy but your amazing. Best moment of my life <3

Well can't wait to see you guys again in Vancouver again one day...


Sarah =)



gabriela wrote on Jun 24, 2008:

Where: monterrey mexico

When: february 14TH

Hi guys my story itís a little sad :(
The day more happiness of my life was when my brother says me : the hives come to Monterrey!
That day was awesome.
the next day I was with my brother to bought tickets for the concert the concert it will be in a bar Iím under age and my brother and me think it will be a problem for that we ask to seller men if my age it will be a problem for enter
And then he says: no the concert itís for all age and I smile.
the wait was longer and when finally the day came I was so excited the I came the place about two hours before the shows stared was the 8b person in the line I was be so close of you but when finally the line start to move and was my turn the men in the enter says me ID and I donít have Id because Iím under age
Then I wait and wait for the lines over and finally I say the men: hey when I bought the ticket the sellers men say me the event is gone be for all age
And the men say: Iím sorry itīs a bar.
Then I say: yes Iím no but Iím not here for drink Iím here for see the hivess!!
And the man says: Iím sorry I canít let you enter
I was so angry because I want to see the hives.
Then pass something bad
I saw when a boy give a man $20 and he let pass the boy and then i angry more and more why tell me why before I bought my ticket I should pay $20 more for a corruption man arrrgg !!!
I did not have money that night because I live at 2 hours from the place where the concert was and I should pay the buss for my and my brother that night I cry like a baby because I canít see my favorite band the hives.

In Fact thats the more closer I can be from them
because when the show start
I can her since out at my favorite band The hives:).