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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Emilie Emilie

Emilie wrote on Jun 15, 2008:

Where: The Venue - Fargo, ND

When: May 19, 2008

We drove 225 miles up from the Twin Cites to see you guys. Along the way one of my friends lost his wallet and my other friend got a speeding ticket. So I ended up paying for a large majority of things. BUT IT WAS SO WORTH IT!

During the concert Pelle informed everyone that because so many people in Fargo are of Swedish decent The Hives are our forefathers, he also heckled the people in the bar for not drinking fast enough.

The songs were beyond amazing and Pelle kept leaning into the crowd where we were standing, so I got to touch him. Then when he jumped into the crowd and walked around I almost got clothes-lined by the microphone wire.

Afterwards, we and a small group of fans waited outside by the bus to get autographs. It took a couple of hours but we didn't mind (especially after we were told they were showering).

I ended up being the first one to spot Pelle coming out. All I could say though was hi. One of my friends looked over to see who I was talking to and immediately asked for an autograph. I got nearly everyone's autograph except Dr Matt Destruction's because he snuck by when no one was looking. I also got my picture with Pelle.

All the way home none of us could stop talking about how awesome the entire show was!


Michaela Michaela

Michaela wrote on Jun 15, 2008:

Where: Where the action is-festival, Stockholm

When: June 14

Yesterday, In the deep forest of Stockholm it happened. Me and my friends have been waiting to long for this, but yeah.. yesterday it happened. Guess what!

The festival had a great line-up with bands like Queen of a stone age, Foo fighters and so on... but we was knew that The Hives was going to be the height of the festival so our demand when we arrived was that we should be in the front line on their show.
The Hellacopters played at the same stage but two hours earlier and we decided to take the risk to run trough the wild crowd to get the space in the front. It was so crazy! But we made it, of course!
During the waiting period we trained on our facial expression. Long way to go to be as cool as the guys in the band, but hey, not that bad!

Well, two hours later, the long waiting was over and The Hives came out on stage. The crowd went crazy as always on the hives concerts! It was sooooooo gooood! Me and my friends went totally crazy when they played You Dress Up For Armageddon, we loved it.
As we knew before, The Hives truly was the height of the festival. “Tack the Hives för att ni är så grymt bra!!” As we say in sweden. We love you Pelle! Arson! Dr Matt! Viligante and Chirs!

Today, the day after, I got no voice left and a lot of bruising. But I’ve seen the Hives and I’m still alive. That’s what it all about!!

Thank you and see you in a week in Borlänge!
Can’t wait!


abdiel abdiel

abdiel wrote on Jun 11, 2008:

Where: in a concert

When: may 15 2008 he come with the fans

i was in a concert and he look me

Natalie Vesty

Natalie Vesty wrote on Jun 10, 2008:

Where: Norwich, UEA

When: 14/4/08

I followed the Hives around all day trying to get an interview with them for the University TV station.

I tried to remain a professional, but the truth was that I am a MASSIVE Hives fan and I wasn't planning on going home from the gig that evening without meeting them.

So after hours of wandering around the university, trying to find a way into the secret locked area where they were hiding, I decided to knock on the door. No answer.

Damn, I'd have to try later.

So I went on a few trips around the corridors, hoping to glimpse my heroes through the locked glass doors leading to their dressing room door.

Finally after about 3 hours, after craning my neck up to the glass, I saw a pair of white shoes, with some very long legs. I almost fainted, I knew Pelle was in there.

I ran back to my filming crew and we gathered our things and went to the door and knocked. We waited for what seemed like an eternity, waiting for someone to answer. I expected to be told where to go by the Hives manager (this is the case with most bands), but all of the management were really kind, and agreed that we could interview a Hive later.

I skipped back to the studio, my heart in my stomach, and waited. Ok, I didn't wait. I stalked the Hives all day. A Swedish accent, white shoes... I was there. I was going to ask if I could sit in on (and maybe film) your sound check, but I didn't want to make your manager angry before the interview and ruin my chances).

So we waited outside the doors, and as soon as you'd done, we ran upstairs. That's when I saw Pelle come up the stairs. Damn this locked glass door teasing me! He was whistling to 'Won't Be Long' and suddenly looked up at me.

At that moment, I was faced with 'the eyes' and froze on the spot. That's when I did the stupid two-handed wave. I'm so sorry guys, it was a blind panic, I knew I had a second to act.

Luckily for me Pelle waved back! Although I think you may have been glad that door was locked, I realise how frightening I may have appeared at that moment.

So back to the door and asking for the interview. Mr manager was lovely again and let us interview Dr Matt, who was even lovelier than we ever could have expected.

He was clearly busy, and let his coffee go cold while we interviewed him (he even offered to let us film it again if the light levels were too low!), and he signed my ticket for me, which unfortunately the stupid doorman wouldn't let me keep at the gig. But anyway, we handed over some Jaffa Cakes, which he gladly accepted (not so keen on the chocolate digestives, as our show head had started eating those earlier since he thought it doubtful we'd ever get to hand them over).

As we left, I heard Dr Matt say to his friend in Swedish: Ooh look, we got some Jaffa Cakes', and I felt very proud. I hope you enjoyed them!

Later at the gig, I was at the front, trying my best to get a hold of Pelle as he kept making his way into the audience. Due to my short arms, this looked unlikely. Suddenly, while stretching his hand over to the right of the stage, he looked over at me. I have no idea if he recognised me, or it is my overactive imagination, but he took his hand and reached it extra far to mine, almost losing his balance. Whether you meant to or not, thanks so much Pelle, it really made my night!

I love you guys, come back to the UK soon!

Nat (the weird girl in blue at Norwich).


Camille C.

Camille C. Camille C.

Camille C. wrote on Jun 07, 2008:

Where: france. papillons de nuit fest'

When: 31 may 2008

Another wonderful concert!
you'll never stop impressing me!
concert, festival... i don't care! you always rockon stage!

i take so much pleasure following you on your tour in france (i wish i could do it all around the world) and always be the first on waiting for you, and always be at the same place at the barrier then always see you playin all of my favorite songs even if all the hives'songs are my favourite!!!!
coz i love everythings about the hives!
you just rule the world!
you rule my world!
You're the best thing that happened in my life!
i can't wait to see you again (next time at fest' vieilles charrues -> i'll be here!!!)

i hope you enjoy playing in france and i hope you won't stop coming in france!
and if you do, we'll come to see you in sweden!!!

i love you.

Camille xxxxx