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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Krista Vander Griend

Krista Vander Griend Krista Vander Griend

Krista Vander Griend wrote on May 23, 2008:

Where: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

When: May 21, 2008

WELL ALL RIGHT! This was the first time I've ever seen The Hives, and it was MIND BLOWING.

I made sure to get there very early so I could get right up at the front. During the 2 hours I waited outside, the whole band walked by us at some time or another. I would have talked to them, but the butterflies were eating my internal organs. Beautiful rockstars are very intimidating!

So for the show I was right at the front with my friends, of course. Arson was playing in front of me, and kept coming to the edge of the stage to give us creepily awesome looks, whilst licking his lips and singing awesomely. And Pelle came over and sang in my face A LOT. It was spectacular. I kept touching my lips, like COME ON, GIMME A KISS, and he just kept smiling at me. Then he sorta came into the audience, with one foot on the stage and one foot on the metal barricade I was up against. I gave him a great big ... leg hug. Because he was higher than me, so I couldn't give him a normal hug. He looked down at me, through numerous people's arms, and I was like pointing at my lips again, like COME ON!! KISS!! And he patted my cheek. The right cheek. Sigh. =) I didn't wash that cheek when I got home, regardless. Anyway, he went back on stage, and when he turned around I grabbed his bum. FIRM. HOT DAMN. Some random chick next to me was like ALRIGHT! HIGHFIVE. I highfived her. And I got a few camera phone pics that are kinda blurry because there was no way I could have kept still, the audience was nuts. But they're great. OH and at the almost end, Pelle came over to where I was standing and put his hand out so people could touch him and whatnot, and I gave him a little pucker again, and he put his hand right in my face so I could kiss it. HE ALLOWED ME TO KISS HIS GLORIOUS HAND. It was amazing. The only disappointing thing about the night was that they didn't play GIDDY UP! or T-H-E-H-I-V-E-S. Maybe next time. I will DEFINITELY see them again. Thank you for coming to Canada, guys. Love ya!

Bonnie Patton

Bonnie Patton Bonnie Patton

Bonnie Patton wrote on May 22, 2008:

Where: The Venue, Fargo ND, US

When: May 19, 2008

My friends Harri and Hartley and I dressed up like Hives wannabes (was fun) and were among the first to arrive, so we got to stand right up against the railing. Little did we realize that Arson was going to stand right in front of us, which was awesome cause I got a ton of sweet pictures of him, and Pelle, who has the cutest smile and throughly enjoyed our fanbase screaming... I just wished I could have gotten a picture of when he leaned on my arm to lean over the crowd, but my camera was going dead. Darn you camera batteries.

I can honestly say that The Hives put on a hell of a show and I'm so glad they came to Fargo of all places. They also made me re-realize my secret dream as a concert photographer. We all had a blast and were probably as tiredly wired as the band at the end.
Come again, I beg of thee!

Note to Pelle- I almost fell over screaming. That's how hot you are.
Note to Arson- You are one freaky dude. We love you. Seriously.

Mallory Mueller

Mallory Mueller Mallory Mueller

Mallory Mueller wrote on May 22, 2008:

Where: Fargo, ND

When: May 19, 2008

After having several horrible things happen during the day (speeding ticket, friend loses his wallet, etc) we finally made it to The Hives!
The concert was fast paced and excellent. Pelle said something to the effect of Fargo having a large population of Swedish people and how he was technically their forefathers and he was surprised at how slow they drank since they were Swedes. That made me laugh (especially since I moved to MN from Sweden when I was four), there was also a huge mosh pit and eventually a bunch of guys got half naked and ran into me (which was gross). After the concert, we waited by their tour bus for an hour and a half until they finally showed up. We got pictures with them and they signed autographs! I really wanted to say something about how I was from Sweden, but I got too shy (which I now regret) but I still got a picture with Pelle! Overall, I had a great time!

Charlie Engelhardt

Charlie Engelhardt Charlie Engelhardt

Charlie Engelhardt wrote on May 22, 2008:

Where: Fargo North Dakota

When: May 19

Ok Well I Live in Mandan North Dakota which is about 200 Miles away from fargo and I thought i would suprise my Girlfriend with two tickets to the hives cause we are both big fans.

So on Monday we get to The Hub at about 6:00 so we could get right up to the gate. Well to our suprise the doors didn't open till 7:00 so we waited in line for an hour and got in ran to the front and stood there until The Hives came on.

I was taken back by how amazing The Hives sounded live! I mean they Sound like they do on their cd's it was awesome it was by far the best show I have ever been to! Thank you for that.

Now after the concert me and my Girlfriend waited for about an hour and a half for the guys to come out and sign autographs and take pictures. When they finally came out i was amazed at how down to earth and nice they are. i mean alot of times you get some bands that are not every nice but your guys were awesome so thank you. you made my summer!


Chloe Chloe

Chloe wrote on May 21, 2008:

Where: Nottingham Rock City

When: Wednesday April 16th 2008

I have been a huge fan of the greatest band on earth aka The Hives for over 7 years now and seen them many a time live (lost count) and always wanted more..

This gig I got what I wished for! First of all I was in Wagamamas (noodle bar) having pre gig nosh with my other half and just as I was about to eat I look up and see Pelle and Vig sat on the table behind me ordering their own pre gig nosh!!! Earlier in the day I had sworn to my boyfriend that we would meet them no matter what and there were two of them being handed to me on a plate! (obv not literally!) Too excited to eat I couldn't leave without meeting 2 of my heros so I nibbled at a grain of rice and waited..(didn't want to disturb them eating) anyway my moment came and I stumbled over mumbled and squeaked 'your my fav band, i love you guys live' and asked if they would sign my album, they kindly took pity on me said yes and let me take a sneaky photo! They seemed very tired so I left them to it and ran away one very happy lady!

Yet it was not enough so myself, my long suffering boyfriend and 4 fours (including Sarah on page 3!) waited for over 2 hours in the rain to meet the entire was worth it! Even though you could tell they were exhausted they took time to talk to us and sign our stuff and let us take pictures. I apologised to Vig for disturbing them earlier but he didn't seem to mind :-)

Everyone was lovely and I got to meet Pelle twice which made my year! Chris came over a few times to keep us company and seemed very impressed on how long we had waited..and I agree with Sarah - not fair the other guy got Nic's top! Grr! But it was a lovely group to wait with and many thanks to Sarah's brother who lent me his pen!

Thank you Hives for an unforgettable gig and an amazing end (and start) to the whole celebration!

(By the way saw you again in Brixton and you rocked even harder then you did at Notts, on the very front was AMAZING!!)

Come back soon!!