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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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The Simon

The Simon wrote on May 11, 2008:

Where: Roxy - Prague

When: 2008

I found this band quite recently and it was mere luck, that they came in at the right time. So I got the ticket and kept waiting..
The performance was spectacular and no doubt it has been the BEST concert i've ever been at.
When I recall the event, I have to admit, that we Czech folks are crazy. I have seen lots of Yours videos and the one in Prague was the wildest . In comparison with other concerts, this was total frenzy.
Hope you enjoyed it and, please, come back soooon!

Sérgio Magalhăes

Sérgio Magalhăes wrote on May 06, 2008:

Where: Lisbon

When: 9th April 2008

I got at the Coliseu very soon in the afternoon and I got to see them at a balcony giving an interview for sic radical:D managed to talk a little bit with Pelle:D
I have got 3 guitar picks from Nick, a drumstick from Chris... a t-shirt and a symbol that I had to buy! I can say that, after that show I've became an Hive'z'aolic:D I Us2 be stupid, but now I'm with the Hives!:D:D:D
10th of July I hope to be in the front row again to see them at the Optimus Alive Festival:D

The Hives, The Best Live Band Ever!:D

I promissed and I'm gonna keep... not to have any other gods than The Hives LOL:D so Help me God!:D LOL


Kasper Dalgaard

Kasper Dalgaard Kasper Dalgaard

Kasper Dalgaard wrote on May 03, 2008:

Where: In Köln (Cologne) Germany

When: 29. March 08

Me and my best friend saw, that Velvet Revolver was going to play a gig in Germany, and we come from Denmark, so we thought that we should drive that 6 hours trip (each direction) to see that concert. First we were stocked, cause we're huge fans of Guns N Roses, and some of the former members of GNR are in Velvet Revolver. But we got even more stocked when we saw that the hives was going to play as well:O But a week later we sat in the car (my dad drove) on the way to Köln, having no idea of what we were going to experience later. First Jolly Goods (sucky local band) played, then The Future heads and then good charlotte (witch both sucked ass). After Good Charlotte, all their fans left the building, and we got up in front of the stage, and The Hives went on and EVERYBODY was like, "WOW!!!!".

Most awsome experience ever in my life so far, and that's true! I got to toutch Pelle and Nick. My friend grabbed one of Nick's guitar picks, and I play guitar, so i really wanted one. And after the most awsome performance ever (also that evening) one of the stage guys, grabbed one of the guitar picks that Nick dropped on stage and throwed it out in the crowd. AND I GOT IT!!!! Thanks guys you were better than VR that eve! Looking forward to the next concert with you!!!!?!?!?!


ibone ibone

ibone wrote on May 02, 2008:

Where: in bilbao, fever

When: april 11 2008

well i was waiting for the gig to start and woow it was amazing pelle even speaks in spanish and woow i couldnt believe it it was more amazing when pelle came down from the stage and went to us and he stops in front of me and he take my shoulder and sing diabolic squeme then he went to the other side of the stage and came down again. it was amazing i cant still believe it

sorry about my english it is not so good

it was the best concert in my 18 years soooo thanks from bilbao and hope to see you soon again around here


Elaine Elaine

Elaine wrote on Apr 29, 2008:

Where: Toronto,CA

When: March 2008

Hi guys!! I just want to say I love the concert in Toronto!! The Hives is the best band live, Howlin is the best front man ever. I hope see you guys soon in Toronto!