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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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camille camille

camille wrote on Apr 29, 2008:

Where: in my room

When: since 2 month

The hives were in the radio.I listened and i thougt: " they are very good" Now, i looooove you

Ps: I'm french and i'm 14!!
And i'm not good in english!!! lol



Kazumi wrote on Apr 24, 2008:

Where: London, Austria, Tokyo, Canada

When: 2005-2008

I didn't know them for the first time. When I was watching TV, I saw a commercial with cool music. Then I started listening the music a lots from the radio. One day, the song was on the radio so I dashed to my friend, gave my earphones and asked, “Tell me who they are!!”. Then I found out that it was them. I went to their concert in London as I lived there in 2005. A couple months later, I had to go back to my home country, Japan. On my way back to Japan, I decided to visit Austria then I found out that they were having a concert on my arrival day in Austria. I started heading where the concert was held just after I arrived at the hostel from the airport (I’m telling you that I don’t speak German at all….) Soon after I got back to Japan, they came to Japan!! I now live in Calgary in Canada in some reasons. Yeeees, they are coming to Calgary in May!!!!!


camille camille

camille wrote on Apr 23, 2008:

Where: zenith paris

When: 20/04/2008

i went to lots of concerts in my life
i had already seen you and i told myself that no gigs would be better than it
i saw you again on sunday 20th!
i was the first one arrived at zenith hall at 8am trying to tell myself that it was today, the day that i was waiting for a long long long time (which means since the day i bought my ticket). so i was waiting in the rain...
we met your friends from sweden, they were surprised to see us so soon in the morning.
first ticket taken at the entrance...mine!
waiting AGAIN!
then no light, then music
and then....
the best show of my life!
"frappez les mains pour les hives"
"the hives les meilleurs? YESSSSSSSSS"

the hives is the best things that happenend in my life


i love you.

and of course see you at every other dates in france.



Marianna Marianna

Marianna wrote on Apr 22, 2008:

Where: Milano, Alcatraz

When: 05.04.08

Hey men!
these are of the pictures I took at Alcatraz in Milan.
The concert was simply great, I spent 10 hours of train to arrive in Milano because I live very far from there. Anyway, it worth it!
Please, come back very soon. This time I'll try to meet you. It would be great.



Stefanie Stefanie

Stefanie wrote on Apr 22, 2008:

Where: London Brixton

When: Friday, 18th April 2008

After seeing them in Zurich I decided to fly over to London for theyr concert at Brixton Academy! I just had to see them again!

After having read, that Arson's eating a lot of Chocolat to regain some energy, I bought some Swiss Chocolate here in Switzerland to bring to London!

My Siter and I arrived there very early and just walked around Brixton Academy, when Chris came out! Couldn't even speak a whole sentence because I was shivering :-D

But I managed to give him the Chocolate and take a Picture :-D

It was such a great evening! Thank you Hives for making it that special to me! It was really worth coming to London!

See you soon!

Love, Stefanie