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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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sir Cosmo

sir Cosmo sir Cosmo

sir Cosmo wrote on Apr 08, 2008:

Where: Roxy club, Prag

When: 30.03.2008

I have been looking forward so much to see them live! I travelled to Prag for six hours to see them and they were so amazing! I was told The Hives are great showmen but they are the GODS! I was lucky to catch Chris' drumstick and after the show I let them sign my ticket and they were very kind to us and let us take pictures of them and with us...Thank you, THE HIVES, I`ll never forget this event!


Kate Kate

Kate wrote on Apr 04, 2008:

Where: Rock for People 2007 and Prag

When: 30.3.08 / March 30 2008

Prag was my second show The Hives! I had been very looking forward to this meeting and energic concert. I hoped and known, that it will be amazing!
And, yes, it was! The Hives are really funny and normal people like us.
Show... thanks for the support band and your concert! great playlist and amazing, impressive, wonderful rockandroll gig! we must to see you again!:) Thanks, Kate Drummer


Tamarita Tamarita

Tamarita wrote on Apr 02, 2008:

Where: Spain,Festival de Benicassim

When: 22 Julio,2008

Mis amigas,mi hermano y yo nos fuimos al Fib a ver a Muse en primera fila y el primer concierto fue el de The Hives.Yo no los habia escuchado casi nada y fue salir al escenario y fue un flechazo.Es el concierto mas divertido y electrizante en el que he estado.No tuve la suerte de conocerlos pero el placer de estar alli fue demasiado.Al pco tiempo me hice este tattoo para mi 21 cumpleaņos donde pone ``Diabolic Scheme´´,el titulo de una de mis canciones favoritas.Todavia sueņo con tocaros chicos!!!Os espero en Madrid!!!


Veronika Veronika

Veronika wrote on Apr 02, 2008:

Where: Prague

When: 30.3.2008

It was fantastic evening. I was at their concert in Prague and i think i needn´t speak about great atmosphere, which was there. Me with my friends left the place of concert and we decided what did we do. We thought we go to the restaurant, but suddenly i saw Vigi and i thought i go off. We took a photo with him and Dr. Matt and they were great and very friendly. Then went out Pelle, Nicholaus and Chris and all were so amazing and they gave their autograph. I thought the celebrities are bigheaded, but The Hives are really the people like us. I really love them:)

Ian van de Mortel

Ian van de Mortel

Ian van de Mortel wrote on Mar 30, 2008:

Where: Bremen

When: March 28, 2008

I was so stoked to see The Hives again after 5 months! So I travelled to bremen to see them! So I got there about 5-ish and it started around 8! So I had a couple of spare hours! After the support act there they were! The Hives! The concert was freakin ace! More than that! And during the encore Matt was trying to say something but I didnt understand it! It totally blowed! But he gave my one of his picks and his drink! (What was it Matt? Redbull/wodka) It was so great! It really hoped I could go backstage and thank The Hives and Matt for the fantastic gig and his drink! But my friends wanted to go! So maybe next time!

Come back soon!!!