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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Jaymi Jaymi

Jaymi wrote on Feb 28, 2008:

Where: Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC

When: Feb. 22nd

I started listening to The Hives about 7 years ago. I instantly fell in love with their music. After seeing the DVD that was released with "Your New Favourite Band", I wanted to see them play live. The closest I ever got was when they released the DVD "Tussels in Brussels". I watched it many times and was always blown away by not only the music, but the energy and charisma that the band embodied. I made it my wish that I would one day see them live.
Then a couple months ago I heard that they would be playing in Vancouver. I bought the tickets right away and started counting down the days until the show. I talked about it constantly to my friends and family and was so exited to see the band that sleep did not come easy for a few nights.
A couple days before the show I caught the nasty cold/flu from hell that had been going around. But that was not going to stop me.
The night before the show, I only slept for a few hours.
We got to the venue and rocked out to the opening acts (whom were both very very good). After they had finished playing we stood and waited for The Hives to come on stage.
It didnt feel real that in only a few moments I would be seeing my favourite band play. I had positioned myself as close to the stage as possible (there was one person standing in front of me) and I made sure to be right in front of Nicholaus Arson's mic (as he is a guitar god in my eyes).
Then the lights went down and The Hives walked out on stage.
After that.... its all just a blur. It felt like a dream come true. I sang and cheered as loud as I could and the next day I could barely talk because I had lost my voice.
The show was beyond amazing and even though the performances I have of The Hives at home are great... it can not compare with seeing them live.
At one point in the show Nicholas Arson looked me in the eyes and I held his gaze for 15 seconds... I cant even put into words how amazing that was.
If I had to describe the show in 5 words... it would be...
I cannot wait to see them again.


Angela Angela

Angela wrote on Feb 26, 2008:

Where: The Filmore: San Francisco, CA

When: 2.20.2008

I Watched An Interview You Guys Did With Spin Magazine A While Ago. You Talked About How Going On Tour With Maroon 5 Has Broughten You So Many New Fans. Most Of Who Have Never Listened To You. Well I Was One Of Those People. But I Totally Feel In Love You Guys When I Heard You! Went Out And Bought VVV The Next Day. It Was Fantastic! So, When I Heard You Were Coming to SF I Was Over Joyed. The Show Was Phenominal! I Totally Blown Way. I Had Such A Great Time. The Setlist Was Everything I Wanted It Be. I Got Some Really Cool Pictures. Including This One Of HPA Looking Right At Me. Which Brings Me To My Apoloy. HPA I'm Sure You Don't Remeber But During The Last Song "Return The Favour" You Came Down The The Audience. Everyone Was Pushing Toward You That I Almost Fell Over. In Order To Keep Up I Had To Grab Your Shirt. I Didn't Mean To Violate You Like Eveyone Else :). After The Show, We Waited To Meet You Guys. While I Was Only Able To Meet Three Of You, I Was Ver Excited. I Met Chris First. I Didn't Say Much Because Everyone Was Crowding. I Asked For A Picture. And He Agreed. Very Sweet. And So Adorable! Next I Met Nick. He Has Very Pretty Eyes! He Let Me Have A Picture Too. I Shook His Hand And Said Thank You. I Didnt Realze How Tall He Was. And Lastly I Got Meet Pelle! I Was So Happy. I Kind Bum Rushed Him. I Apologize Again. I Told Him He Had Very Beautiful Eyes And Got A Picture. He Said "Well Thank You Very Much" I Shook His And Thanked Him And Wished Him Good Luck With The Rest Of The Tour. He Has Very Nice Hand. All In All I Just Wanted To Say, I Absolutly Love You Guys. I'm So Glad I Got To Meet You. I Miss Them Already. So Much So That I Hella Cried About IT Today. I've Been So Bummed Since The Show. But It's Ok. It Was And I Totally Worth It. Hope To See You Soon.


Animi Animi

Animi wrote on Feb 26, 2008:

Where: Portland/Seatle

When: Feb. 21st/Feb 23rd

My darling big sister took me, my brother, and my mei mei Thalia to see yall in Portland for the second time and it was the best show i've ever seen! Or so i thought. That Saterday i went up to Seatle with my big sis and saw The Hives AGAIN and it blew the Portland show out of the water!!! not only was i infront of Arson the WHOLE time! but my big sis was right next to me, right in the front! thats a big deal cuz she's never gotten that chance before and she LOVED IT! we had such fun and The Hives so were GREAT!
i not only had a great time, got BOTH a pick from the Maya the bassist from the Donnas, but i also got Dr. Matt's pick too! and being an up and comming bassist this was reason enough for me to flip a nut!

then, to make the night even better, me and my sister were on our way to the car when we saw a mob of people waiting for The Hives, so we decide to stay too. and we met ALL 5! i got all of their sigs and a picture with each of them (exept Vigilante D:)!
me and Fley (my sister) were sooooooooo happy to see how nice they were! they stayed and talked to anyone who wanted to chat, and after a show like that one, i was supprised they didnt just blow us off cuz of how tired they must have been!
i chatted with the Dr. for a while and it tottally inspired me even more to play bass, i've been practicing like MAD!

me and my sisters had the best time of our lives, and getting to meet The Hives with my big sis who is a hudge part of my life was probably the best thing that could have ever happened to us!
we can't wait to see yall again, hopefully we'll catch you at Sasquatch :DDD


-Animi <3

p.s my sister may not be smiling big on the outside, but TRUST ME she couldnt have been happier!


Jodi Jodi

Jodi wrote on Feb 26, 2008:

Where: Portland, Oregon at The Roseland

When: February 21st 2008

I was on a quest to meet The Hives! Knowing Iíd be too shy to approach them, I decided to make something that would force me to catch their attention. So, I set up my sign and a barberís chair in case one of the guys needed a rest from their busy preparations for the show.

First, I met Chris Dangerous. He really did seem sort of dangerous! He reminded me of a secret agent such as James Bond. Was it his squinty eye as he toked on a cigarette? Perhaps it was his need to scope out the city. I sent him in a random direction to see the sights. He came back and said he got tired of walking around. Oops.

Then, I met Vigilante! He was getting out of a taxi with a long, tubular object. Was it a cue stick for billiards? A map of the city? Blueprints? Wallpaper? I donít know.

Next, came Nicholaus. He seemed to have troubles finding his way out of the gate that divided the buses and the sidewalk. He had a grin that that would make anybody feel welcome. When Iím excited, strange things come out of my mouth. I told him I was pooping my pants. So much for sophistication. His grin turned into a: ďWhat the heck was that all about.Ē

I met Dr. Matt Destruction too. He was the most quiet out of the bunch but there was a comfortable feeling when around him. Maybe it is because he is a Doctor of some kind?? My hunch is a psychiatrist that serves musicians and fans in the world of rock music?

Last, Pelle appeared. I was holding a receipt at the time for some reason and he asked me if it was for tax purposes. I said yeah, even though it wasnít. He seemed a little confused about me asking him to sit in a barberís chair I had pulled out of the trunk of my car. I should have explained it was the best alternative I could find to a throne?? Maybe he was concerned Iíd take out a big chunk of his hair with scissors.

In all, they certainly are characters of the nice variety, and The Hives definitely are larger than life!!



Juliette wrote on Feb 25, 2008:

Where: wachovia spectrum

When: october 13th, 2007

for my friend's birthday we decided to go to see a maroon five concert at the wachovia spectrum.little did we know that the hives were one of the opening acts... actually we had no idea who the hives were!!! now that i think about it i can't believe that i didn't! we had seats that were wayyy to far away so we ended up sneaking into the floor area to get a closer look and we manage to be right near the stage. I almost caught one of the drum sticks too but someone ripped it from my hands =(
regardless, it was THE BEST performance that i've ever seen in my entire life. the music is absolutely, purely genious.
so my friend and i flipped when we found out that the hives would be playing at terminal five march 7th. the show was sold out (Surprise!) but we managed to find tickets online and we're going!!!!!!! i'm so excited!!!!!
(i'm the one on the right and my friend going with me is the one on the left)