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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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Kevan Tiley

Kevan Tiley wrote on Jun 26, 2010:

Where: Hard Rock Calling

When: Friday 25th June 2010

I was at the front row in my Hives T shirt surrounded by Pearl Jam fans. I was easy to spot in the crowd as my T shirt stood out. When Howiln passed by the front row we shook hands three times. On the last occasion Howlin' Pelle and I clasped arms and he stood there as I supported him at the barriers for a full 30 Seconds or so. Great energy was exchanged a real hero Pelle! I am sure Vigilante was launching plectrums towards me and one landed on the woman behind me but she gave it to her boyfriend. He would not let me have it... I bet he was Pear Jam fan!


Cilla Cilla

Cilla wrote on Jun 24, 2010:

Where: Helsinki, Finland

When: 8/6/2010

It was a hot tuesday morning when me and my friends got in front of the venue of Green Day's gig. We settled down quickly and got into the gig-feeling waiting eagerly to see our favourite band The Hives that was supporting Green Day. As all the others sang Green Day's songs and checked their cameras to surely get photos of Billie Joe Armstrong, we hyped The Hives and sang their songs which gave people a reason to look at as badly. After seven hours of waiting and sweat we got inside and, thanks to our patience, straight to the front row, although not in the middle of stage where the huge catwalk standed, but a few meters left from it.

After waiting a few hours more, we could finally see The Hives walking in, all the others first and Pelle a little after them. The crowd went berserk, as our uniformed idols got their instruments and Pelle immediately started to speak Finnish and agitate the audience more and more. They started their setlist with Declare Guerre Nucleaire and couldn't have made a better choice, 'cause everybody went wacko and really got into the right mood when there's The Hives playing. As the third song we got to hear a new song called Bad Call, and it really gave a positive impression of the upcoming album. During Bad Call people kinda froze, because they didn't know the words or what was coming up, but when after Bad Call they started to play Try It Again the audience got into the right mood again. People jumped and shouted after Pelle did the same and I have never seen anybody take that kind of control of the audience. If Pelle would have said anything that'd had differed from "clap your hands", I'm still sure that people would have obeyed. After Try It Again, they played Hate To Say I Told You So, Die All Right!, Won't Be Long and Tick Tick Boom, all well-known hits of theirs and knowing what was played made people really enjoy the gig. After the intense jumping, singing and shouting they didn't give us even a little while to breathe before they started to play Walk Idiot Walk. During the song Pelle swayed his hips and made people dance even more than earlier. Everybody around us were exhausted and the bouncers had to bring us some water so that nobody would have fainted. We still got to hear two more songs, and then it was over. After 11 awesome songs from my favourite band I really couldn't believe that it was all true. I still have difficulties believing that I really saw Pelle swaying his hips, Nicholaus laughing at his brother, Vigilante and Matt playing as cool as always and Chris waving to us.

During Joan Jett And The Blachearts' gig we could see The Hives watching it as well from the side of the stage, and we showed them the sign we had. It said "WE LOVE YOU THE HIVES" and when Nicholaus saw it, he laughed and waved to us smiling. He said about it to Chris who waved as well with a smile in his face. Tuesday 8th June 2010 was probably one of the best days of my life, 'cause of seeing The Hives live and I can't wait it to happen again.

Yes, you do rule the world The Hives!

Richard N.

Richard N. wrote on Jun 07, 2010:

Where: Rock im Park, Nürnberg, Germany

When: June 4th, 2010

It all started a while ago with the polka songs by Weird Al Yankovic. Among them I heard a polka version of "Hate To Say I Told You So" - and I was amazed immediately. My very next reaction was to rush to the next record store and buy each Hives album they had, and since then I've been listening to them almost all day and night. Then, a dream was about to come true:

The Hives were going to be in Germany at Rock im Park.
My friends (as I had already infected them with the Hives' awesome music) and I knew that we *HAD* to get tickets for that festival, and we drove over 1000 kilometers this month to get there.

Even while I was standing in the very first row, right behind the metal barrier guarded by several security people, even while the tech people placed those five giant glowing letters on the stage, I still found it hard to believe that I'd truly see the Hives live.

Then, Howlin' Pelle said,
"Explodieren, bitte!"

And indeed, the crowd exploded. Never had I experienced a gig that was more amazing than this one. Pelle even received a huge salami - although he refused to take it and left it on the stage for anyone who'd be interested. Then, during the astonishing performance, he stepped down from the stage and towards the crowd - I was instantly squashed between the metal fence and the raging crowd behind me.
But it was definitely worth it.
And when I thought to myself, "Man, you're only ten meters away from the best fuckin band in the world, this is the best thing that'll ever happen to you", Pelle approached the fence and did not only shake my hand, but cling to it for several seconds.
I must admit that I felt extremely honored in that moment - while everyone was desperately making an effort to at least touch him for a split second, it was ME who was touched by HIM, and he was not letting go of my hand.

And when the concert ended, one of Chris Dangerous' drumsticks landed nothing but a few inches away from my feet - sadly too far from my side of the metal barrier for me to pick it up, but not too far from that security guy who gloatingly strolled over and stuffed the stick into his pants.

Still, the evening couldn't possibly have been more awesome than it was.
And although Pelle claimed he didn't have anything important to say on the stage, he still put up an astonishing show, as did the whole band.

So, to every band member I'd like to say: "Jag älskar du, och tack för en oförglömlig prestanda!" (and I hope my Swedish isn't too rusted already...)


Patrick wrote on Jan 15, 2010:

Where: NYC

When: two years ago, i think

This was my first and only Hives show to date...there will be more. I knew enough to at least be wearing Black...and I was more than well tuned up. I Love The Hives, so it was only natural for me to finally be seeing them live. You guys were so fuckin' was like I was lookin' into your eyes, and it was like you had the same contact with the whole house...I was drenched afterward, and as I stumbled around the Bowery Ballroom...I found one of Dr Matt Destruction's picks. It was Zen. It has been in a place of great honor on my personal altar ever since. Goddess Bless The Hives and the Hives Nation!

Alba, Merçé and Sara.

Alba, Merçé and Sara. Alba, Merçé and Sara.

Alba, Merçé and Sara. wrote on Dec 14, 2009:

Where: Barcelona, BAM festival.

When: Sep 26th, 2009

Accomplished mission.

After “Paredes de Coura” and “A Coruña”; Sara, Merce and Alba had moved to Barcelona with the intention of seeing the Hives for the third time in the same summer. They visited the city during the day and later they came to “La Antigua Fábrica Damm” where, after inspecting the area, they noticed that the backstage was separated from the public by a simple fence– GODSEND! - xD.
They stayed there, outside the show of the support band, waiting for the moment that their five B&W men came out through the doors of their classical van.
Suddenly, the three were paralyzed. The first to react was Sara, who asked Pelle to sign her shirt, fearful that he didn’t pay attention to her.
What they didn't know, Sara and her friends, it's that they were faced the most educated, nicest swedish guys that they can get to know.

Meanwhile, Alba asked Nicholaus and Chris if they could sign the Galician flag with the Hives’ shield that had already been launched to Pelle in Coruña. And then, they timidly asked a photo to Nick, which he replied with an “after”.
They spent long time looking at their daily backstage: coffee, red bull, water, cigars…
Niklas passed by in front of them, looked at them… What can a fanatic like Sara do in a time like this? Yes, she said "hi!" to which he replied with a polite "Hello!" xD
They took photos of Pelle, Chris and Nicholaus (Matt and Vig were hiding behind some hedges, forcing us to ask Nick to carry the flag them for their signatures).
The best part was when Pelle came and greeted with a hearty "Heeeey!" jajaja
When the show was about to start, they decided to leave The Hives privacy and seek to reach the front of the stage, difficult task.

The show starts.
The opening song wasn’t the usual A Stroll Through Hive Manor Corridors... bad sound, awful lights… but they kicked ass! as usual. The two brothers threw to the audience… Words in Spanish, Swedish, English ...
Break for rest and re-shirtless, BLESSED THE MEDITERRANEAN CLIMATE BEEN jajaja.
They played two more songs, closing with Tick Tick Boom, and they left looking forward to the “gran final” that they are used to, Return the favour. They sang, again in the front of the backstage, the refrain: OOOOOH OOOHOHOHOHOH!
Alba yelled-"RETURN THE FAVOUR!" Nick realized and laughed. They asked him the promised photo and also Sara received her "two kisses" on hand.
Another pic with Pelle, who fought against the horrible fence… XD
And a nice short conversation with Chris:
- Will you go out for Barcelona?
- I do not think so.
- We change you 5 cigarettes, one for each of us, for 3 beers, one for each?
- Ummh ... I think that there isn't more beer (laughs)
- Could you give us a ... "Shit! How do you say drumstick in English?! - Pick?” -NO! Anyway, he understand us- jaja
- No. .. I left them all on stage ...
- "Well, thank you very much."
Also with Vigilante:
- Mike, do you remember La Coruña? You and the mic stand ... "Very intoxicated that night" ...
- La Coruña ... yyies ... jajajajajaja
Before we go, one last phrase from Sara to her idol:
- "You're fucking awesome!"
Nicholaus, always so polite, answered:
- "Thank You!" (Swedish accent that was going to rest by then...)

And here ends the night that marked all of our next days.

Insurmountable, unbeatable...
The Hives, Thank you!