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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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María María

María wrote on Aug 24, 2009:

Where: A Coruña, Spain

When: Saturday 15th August 2009

All begins in 2005, the first time I heard The Hives. Each day when I turned on MTV, five boys worn with white suits and black shirts, were strumming their instruments, getting an incredible sound, while an energic singer was singing aloud the lyrics of a song called ‘Walk idiot, walk’, in a room which shamed a red-white-black crossword.
It shocked me a lot. I had never heard something like that. They were fucking good!
Two years later, while I was watching a spanish TV channel called ‘Cuatro’, I felt the same spark when the same voice was sounding as background music in a documentary. The Hives, I hadn’t forgotten their name. Then I searched it in the internet and I found that song ‘Tick, tick...Boom’ the new single of their new album. After that moment I went crazy about them, their music and all around them. I watched all their videos, pieces of concerts and I bought that CD and the previous ones one day when I went to Madrid, because in my town, Valladolid, I couldn’t found them. Everywhere I went I was listening to The Hives. One of my friends also got crazy when I show her ‘You got it all...wrong’. She became like me: a FREAK FAN OF THE HIVES. Then we searched their concerts in Spain...but they were a month ago in Barcelona, Bilbao and Madrid...AND WE HAD LOST THEM!
The 22th July 2009 when I was reading a music magazine I found a big-size photo of The Hives with a headline which said ’The Hives in A Coruña the 15th August’. I started shouting and called immediately to my friend who was in England and she went crazy too! I reread the article a hundred times and I made sure we should go there.
And WE DO! We took a train the 15th August at 00.53am in Valladolid and we arrived to A Coruña at 7.53am. We had a rest at the hotel and... at 12.00 we were in the beach of Riazor in first line! The weather was fucking hot and we had to do, every five minutes, little trips to the water until 16.00pm. We were waiting there listening all their albums while we were watching the sound technicians staging the stage. We still couldn’t believe that we were going to see The Hives until we didn’t see them at stage. People were arriving during the afternoon to get a place for the huge concert and at 22.00pm everyone stand up and fought a good place to see the best band live of the last years according to the NME. But before that we had to listen to another band. At 00.30am the crowd was euphoric when ‘A Stroll through the hive manor corridors’ began to sound. And when Pelle, Chris, Nicholaus, Vigilante and the substitute of Destruction went on stage...people became to shove and shout aloud. I couldn’t believe... I WAS SEEING THE HIVES AT LEAST!!
The concert was MADNESS!!!
Do you know how does it feel when everybody is slamming you against a barrier, so much that you have stomach ache, the ribs and hip bones get stuck yourself and the next day you have bruises on them? That people slams you so much that you lose your bikini and your T-Shirt get down and if you don’t realize it you are showing everything and the next day you feel like you were hasty by a truck? That your trousers get down below your bottom? That you are so squashed that you have back ache? So close to the other people that next day you got bruises in your arms? That people throw sand and water by the air? That people put their hands between your head and the one you have next to you? That people pass around three boys and they fall in your head? That you practically can’t move and the person who jumps behind you seems that it’s ----- you?
Do you know the ecstasy, the euphoria and that you have throat ache because you are shouting so aloud but you don’t care and go on shouting and screaming and you do it louder until tears come to your eyes and you have lost your voice at the moment?
Do you know that when all this feelings become to their maximum state you don’t know where you are but you go on jumping and shouting like a mad with the hair on the face and in each song you have to put your hair up?
That’s a TERRIFIC concert of THE HIVES and I can swear you that It’s the BEST feeling in my life.

Summing up...

‘A Stroll through the hive manor corridors’ began to sound, and finally... THE HIVES went on stage...
Pelle so lively as always, moving like a mad! Vigilante and Nicholaus with their fabulous strummings, the substitute of Destruction: faultless. And Chris... what drums beatings! What use of drumsticks!
There were some moments that we glanced at each other and we began to sing so aloud. He pointed me twice, looking me in the eyes like ‘This drumstick is for you, so catch it, OK?’...but the first one went so far and the second one hit Nichoulaus and it couldn’t come out...As he saw that I couldn’t get it, he pointed me again, but this time with a sad face like ‘It was for you...!’ the end of the concert after ‘Return the favour’ had just finished...he got up from the drums and CAME TO ME! He was walking where I was and, when he was in front of me he pointed me like the first time, looking me in the eyes: ‘This is for you’. He came closer and crouched passing me a drumstick. Until he didn’t made sure that I caught it tight, he didn’t let go of it...then he stand up, he pointed me, he looked me in the eyes and finally he smiled like ‘At last you got it so... look for it!’
And here is my FAULT!: I WENT STRAIGHT TO MY HOTEL!!!!!!!!!!!

AAAH! Every time I see the drumstick I remember those two moments.... one AMAZING and other GHASTLY!!
I’m becoming obsessed with the idea of going to Barcelona the 26th September to the airport JUST TO GET THE PHOTO!! TO MEET THEM! But it’s nearly impossible... I’ve searched the flights and I won’t be to the first possible one arrival. The trains are not available to be so early...and I wouldn’t take it the previous
But make sure I’ll get it the next time you’ll come here to Spain!! If not...I’M WILLING TO TRAVEL WHEREVER YOU WILL GO!

So...that’s the time I’ve ‘meet’ The INCREDIBLES Hives ;)



PD: Waiting for the next time!!!!!!!

PD 2: Sorry if I had made some mistake translating...x)


SarArsonyou'ramazing SarArsonyou'ramazing

SarArsonyou'ramazing wrote on Aug 22, 2009:

Where: A Coruña

When: 15/08/09

It's a short story.
I made a flat with all my heart put in that job. I painted The Hives's shield in it.
Galician flat fly to Howlin' Pelle's hand thanks to my friend Alba.
And that's all.

That simply moment was one small step for The (huge) Hives, one giant leap for 2 freak and mad girls.

Well... Now, after 3 shows in my mind... We're totally and completely dazzle by this f**king amazing 5 people and we need to go to Barcelona.
You will see the real definition of madness xD

I really hope to meet you there and that one of you read this ^^

PS: Pelle, your spanish is perfect, my english not. :D

[A few photos (taken by me) of the show in La Coruña]


Alexa wrote on Jun 29, 2009:

Where: Downtown Ventura Theater

When: September 22, 2008

Me and my best friend maddie went to your concert with her dad and brother. When the show was over we went back stage before the crowd came. So we met Nicholaus Arson. But I wish I could have met Howlin Pelle Almqvis. LOL But hey I hope you guys come back to Ventura so I can meet all of you guys<3


ZAK wrote on Jun 19, 2009:

Where: Dallas Tx.

When: november of 2006

I was standing out side of the Gypsy Tea room along with 700 or 800 other kinds dressed in there mohawks, girl pants, even kahkis and polos where there. They came out of this shit pizza place and cam walking across the street in there white sparkley matching jackets. ITs was Pe' Matt and Chris. I said I love you the hives and Pe' locked me square dead in the eyes and said I love you 2. I have never been star struck.

But then the show went on and at one point in the show me and my brother and our 3 friends started yelling for AKA IDIOT to play. And they went off stage. In sadness I started looking for my shoes which I had lost in the mosh. Then 2 my suprise chris came out and started playing drums, just him no one else. Then one at a time then it grew into a euporium of noise and directly in AKA IDIOT. It was awsome. Then after the show I shock hands with the boys and never washed my hands again.....well just for the next 2 weeks anyways. I love the hives........I was 12 and honest to god accidently bought Barley Legal at this dive of a record store in dallas. I have never been the same.

-zak- 260-633-0232
Have fun boys, and 5,7,9,11 DO IT DO IT DO IT!


Joseph Joseph

Joseph wrote on Jun 14, 2009:

Where: Nintendo DS Guitar Hero

When: About a month ago

I have a Nintendo DS and I like to play the Guitar Hero game. The song "Walk Idiot Walk" is one of the songs on the game. I really really really like that song. I logged onto the computer and went to You Tube and found the video for this song. I also found other videos from The Hives and now The Hives are my favorite band of all time. Here are two photos that I wanted you to see. The first picture is of a diarama that I made of the band and the other picture is of me. I hope you like them. =Joseph= (age 7)