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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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matt wrote on Oct 03, 2007:

Where: excel energy center

When: on october 1

not much of a story, I saw the hives open for maroon 5. Unfourtunately I was really the only one buy hives stuff or who even knew who the hives were. I tried to take a pic but one of the security people stopped me which sucked. I did get a hives shirt and poster though and they rocked the spot and played stuff off the black and white album which is the new one. That was awesome.


Xareni wrote on Oct 03, 2007:

Where: Chicago/Metro/Allstate Arena

When: Sept 30/Oct 2

On Sunday (Sept 30) when The Hives played at the Metro, Pelle threw his tie out into the crowd and by our luck, my friend and I latch on to it and so did 30 other hands...we fought and fought and fought until finally we were the victors. At the show we had met a girl who could get us tickets to see them for yesterday's (Oct 2) show.
We had no idea that we were going to see The Hives again until that same day. We hurried to the Allstate since we were running late and then got there during the middle of their set. I had brought along the tie. We were in the 11th row. Then when Pelle got close to the crowd, my friend and I ran to him and I tugged on his pants to get some attention. He saw me and I told him that I had gotten his tie on Sunday and then he nodded and went back to singing. We felt like we had just been rejected by the most amazing performer on earth.
After they played, we left since we're not really into Maroon 5 and looked for their tour buses.
Luckily we had found two girls who met them last night and knew what their buses looked like.
So then after about 2 hours of waiting Chris and Matt come out and greet us all at the gate. They invite us is and we all chill for about half an hour. Chris was singing rap music to us and playing their new stuff while Matt was reading the titles of songs off an album that one of the girls who were on the bus had brought him. They were so nice. Then after a while Nicholaus, Vigilante, and finally Pelle come into the bus, but then go and greet the rest of their fans outside before coming to talk to us. I go up to Nicholaus after eyeing a tie that was hung on the clipboard in their bus and ask him for it, he said yes without question and I said thank you and gave him a hug. Then Pelle was standing right behind us and he asked me what I was trying to tell him on stage. I said that I was trying to show him the tie I got and he smiled, then I showed him the huge bruise I got from the fight for the tie and he said, "aww." Then I asked him to sign our ties and he did. We got our hug from him and the rest of The Hives. They were the coolest band I have ever met and will never forget that night.


Kelly wrote on Oct 03, 2007:

Where: Chicago

When: Oct 3

i saw the hives in chicago.(amazing)
they opened for Maroon5. (ehh they were okay)
i did not meet the hives.
but i would gladly give away many of my worldly possessions if i had the chance.


JinJu JinJu

JinJu wrote on Oct 03, 2007:

Where: PUKKELPOP, Hasselt, Belgium

When: Aug 18 2007

I was in Germany(I'm from Korea) doing volutary job, and the job went on from Jul 28 to Aug 18. But I heard the Hives are going to play at Hasselt(Belgium) the last day I had to work. So I excused crews I've work with and I bought 'PUKKELPOP - 3 combi' ticket immediatley.
I had the greatest opportunity to see my favorite band, and it did happen! I've waited them in front row more than five hours, and I saw them very closely! They were just great, it was the best moment of my traveling to Europe. The sight is still vivid in my mind!


Laura wrote on Oct 02, 2007:

Where: Rosemont, IL

When: October 2

Ditto Noha - I didn't know anything about The Hives until I saw them tonight at the Maroon 5 concert (didn't know anything about Maroon 5 either - but sister had an extra ticket). Great show, love the energy (and cute moves of the lead) - will certainly look for a cd!