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Did Dr Destruction steal your beer at the Middle East in Boston? Did Chris beat you at Fussball? Did you see Vigilante carrying a large tubular object on the subway in New York?

Tell the world about your encounter with The Hives.

Include story and possible photo. Win "The Hives Medal of Honour"!


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James wrote on August 13, 11:20 :

Where: England,Norwich UEA

When: April 2005

When waiting to enter the gig. me and my girl friend were focused at the front of the venu's looked doors and could here the magical loud voice of pelle shouting yeahhhhh !!!! in the sound check. we was then about to start getting really desperate to see those black and white Cool cats of rock and suddenly from no where Vigilante apeared from the back of us and enterd the venu. through the main entrance.Nobody had noticed this!!!! on vigilante's way through i shouted ''Hey vigilante hows it going'' Vigilante replyd with ''Cool man!'' it was a gr8 sold out night!!!!

Viva The Hives


London London

Greg Pannu wrote on August 14, 6:12 :

Where: London, Hoxton bar and kitchen

When: July 2007

Having been in such a panic trying to get tickets to the gig at hoxton. i eventually got there and saw Howlin' Pelle Almqvist on the phone walking around outside the venue. he was so nice he allowed me to interupt and get a photo and autograph from him! made the whole panic worth while.

And i love the second picture it's so funny because he looks like james brown- a soul singer with the cape

Så javla snygg!

Så javla snygg!

Tove wrote on August 12, 9:37 :

Where: way out west!

When: tjaa ungfär två dagar sen 10 augusti

Pelle du var väl helt enkelt en salig lite upplevelse på way out, så himla bra va ni! Sen är det väl bara ett plus att du är, ursäkta uttrycket extremt jävla snygg! :D


erik wrote on August 14, 13:05 :

Where: desde mi pais

When: chile??

hola chicos son lo mas grande que e escuchado espero k algun dia viciten sudamerica en algun evento masivo como el SUE ( satiago Urbano en vivo)

su musica me pone loco bueno esperendo algun dia que pasen por chile

se despide



Daniel Heath wrote on August 15, 6:14 :

Where: Adelaide, Australia

When: 2005 October Tour

Hives play Adelaide, Australia 2005. SHOUTING! JUMPING! GUITARS! THE HIVES! They tore it up in the same briliant fasion they do every night. My 16 year old self was in Hives heaven as Pelle wailed, The Dr. boomed, Vigilante and Nick down-stroke seizured, and Chris morse-coded with the urgancy responding to planet earth's SOS (re: today's state of rock n roll!).

Half way through the set, Pelle swung his microphone around by its cord at light speed. The flimsy adhesive tape bonding the mic to the lead suddenly gave way! The mic was launched into the crowd like a rocket to russia. It came right at me. In an instant, I froze up with fear and prepared for impact.

Whistling past my ear, it struck the woman behind me. Incapacitated, she made her way out of the crowd clutching her bleeding nose, laughing. Impressed at the woman's laughing boldness, I vowed to enjoy the show extra more on h! er behalf.

In the end everybody in the crowd had gladly become victims of trademark Hives dynamism...just some more physically than others.