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The Hives have their say!

Often as cultural personalities in the public eye limelight we are scrutinized in detail and judged on our doings, nondoings, appearance and whatever else.

This is where The Hives return the favour and scrutinize the scrutinees.

We will give points to those who display accurate descriptions of us in the same way as we will deduct points for those who don't.

Welcome to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

23 Aug 07 London Callin' 2
23 Aug 07 London Callin' 1
23 Aug 07 London Callin' 3
01 Aug 07 Spanish presentation of The Hives

23 August 2007

London Callin' 2

London Callin' 2 
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This woman (Betty Clarke) only knows what she is talking about perhaps 5% of the time. The grade she gives The Hives for a full-on delivery at the 100 Club is only decent with 3 out of 5 stars. I would have to disagree with most of what she writes even though she, at times, has some quality in her writing. This leads me to think that she would be more useful writing about something else than real music.

This is an example of something that will not score very high in this section and the grade is therefore nothing better than a 1 out of 5. The 1 being for somewhat decent grammar and possibly, to an extent, for liking "Try It Again," (the lionshare of the 5 % I mentioned above) and mentioning The Hives’ greatness, even though to her, it is a greatness in the past.

We will also be very hard on writers who don't stick to cold hard facts, which is the case for the most part here. Let's clarify, shall we:

The Hives are the greatest band ever. Period!

That my dear mortals is a truth or a fact (call it either of those two), and that has to be more evident in texts of this sort. Let's stick to the facts.


Nicholaus Arson - The Hives Scrutinized Press Section


23 August 2007

London Callin' 1

London Callin' 1 
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Hey, this one is really pretty good! He (David Sinclair) gave us a 4 out of 5 and The Hives return the favour throwing the 4 out of 5 right back at him. Congrats David!

This was a little while ago, but Nicholaus Arson is a busy man these days, so I put in this extra effort when I feel I have the time.

However, ‘nuff said about me (for now at least). This guy has it pretty much down, it seems. Well written and pretty good research. I enjoyed reading it and that is worth a lot here in this section. He is welcome to review The Hives again and maybe he can then go all the way and score a full monty by giving The Hives a 5/5 grade. Let's keep him under surveillance and see how he does, but it's looking promising indeed...

Sincerely once again

Nicholaus Arson - The Hives Scrutinized Press Section


23 August 2007

London Callin' 3

Daily Star reviewing the show at the 100 Club in London – “They used to be our new favourite band, now they’re the best band in the world”.

Yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hey already!

We have our first 5/5 here in the Scrutinized Press section. Not so much to add. Read it and learn from a master, Betty Clarke.

Flowers are on the way Daily Star. Congratulations!

From everyone here at Scrutinized press HQ.