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The Hives have their say!

Often as cultural personalities in the public eye limelight we are scrutinized in detail and judged on our doings, nondoings, appearance and whatever else.

This is where The Hives return the favour and scrutinize the scrutinees.

We will give points to those who display accurate descriptions of us in the same way as we will deduct points for those who don't.

Welcome to the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth!

23 Aug 07 London Callin' 2
23 Aug 07 London Callin' 1
23 Aug 07 London Callin' 3
01 Aug 07 Spanish presentation of The Hives

23 August 2007

London Callin' 3

Daily Star reviewing the show at the 100 Club in London – “They used to be our new favourite band, now they’re the best band in the world”.

Yeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaa!

Hey already!

We have our first 5/5 here in the Scrutinized Press section. Not so much to add. Read it and learn from a master, Betty Clarke.

Flowers are on the way Daily Star. Congratulations!

From everyone here at Scrutinized press HQ.


1 August 2007

Spanish presentation of The Hives

Spanish presentation of The Hives 
click to enlarge

Hi there!

Just to kick this series of reviews off, I thought I'd start by putting up a piece as an example.

This little text is from the Benacassim Festival Program (where we played yesterday 23/7/07) and is supposed to present The Hives. I skimmed through it, but understood nothing, mostly I suspect because I don't speak a word of Spanish. I asked a guy to translate it for me however, and he said that it said nothing that he didn't already know. Or basically he said that it said nothing "new". Those were his exact words. He continued and said that it was "basically good" and then he stopped translating and handed back the paper.

Based on the information that I got there and then, I feel obligated to give this piece a 4 out of 5. No "new" information and "basically good" content is what gives this piece a 4. No "new" information is good. We already knew The Hives were great and apparently, according to this, we still are, so that is all on the plus account. On the minus side we have "basically good." I would need a "fantastico" or a "bravissimo" to push the grade over the cliff and up to the five that we most of the time will look for here in the Scrutinized press section.

Hope you all get the drift. Drop by again for more action later on, possibly around the time when we release the new record. That could be fun!


Nicholaus Arson - The Hives Scrutinized Press Section