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Ask your omnipotent leaders anything!

Everyone knows that The Hives know pretty much all that is worth knowing, omnipotent if you will. Here is your chance to get answers to the questions you always wanted answered.

Use the form below to send your question and The Hives will endeavour to answer your questions as soon as possible. Don't forget to keep checking out this page to view the answers to your questions!



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Here is a selection of previous questions & answers

Question from Sam
Hey there Hives how's it going?
First before I ask my question I must say thank you for the probably the best gig of my entire life in munich!!!! It kicked ass!!! Ok here's the question:
What is the band name of your pre-group?
Would be nice to get an answer!

Sam a.k.a Dicker_Schotte

P.S: Me and my friends made the circle mosh at the song tick tick boom!
Hey Sam,

they're called Henry Fiats Open Soar and are from Sweden too.


Question from Teresa
Hi you guys! Just wondering... what are you guys going to do after successfully dominating the world?
Kick back for a few weeks and then keep our place by touring and making records, sounds ok?


Question from kenny
hey chris
what do you think about an unplugged gig???
i think it would be realy amazing!!!
No way man, we don't do acoustic shit. Other bands can take care of that, we need electricity!


Question from Vikki
What are the chances of me meeting you BEFORE the show in Newcastle in a couple of weeks?
To be honest with you, I don't have a clue!


Question from Charlotte
Hey guys,
I would like to thank all of you for sunday´s Prague show, was unforgettable! I just hope to see you soon in Prague again!
And it´s amazing how you are answering all the questions you are receiving, yes Chris you are Mr Magnificent:P
and guys what are you going to do after your tour?
just thinking about going to Sweden:)
What you're saying is absolutely true, thanks!

After this tour we go back to America and then it's summer festival time pretty much.